Cell Biology :

Cell Biology means Biology of cell. It includes the study of structure, cellular morphology , function, molecular organization, growth , reproduction (cell cycle & division) and genetics of cell.These are all integral part of cell Biology. It means cytology is the part of cell Biology because of cytology is the study of cell structure and function. In other words, cell Biology and cytology are not same but not far to each other.In practical , cell Biology is the general or broad term but cytology is the medical term .

Contents under cell Biology :

Origin and evolution of cell


Introduction to microscopy

Sub-cellular structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

Membrane structure and function

plasma membrane

cell wall and extracellular matrix

Structural organization and function of intracellular organelles and organelle biogenesis



endoplasmic reticulum

Golgi apparatus





Structure and function of cytoskeleton and its role in motility

Cell membrane transport

Introduction to cell signalling

Cell growth, cell cycle and its control

Cell death and cell renewal