Biotechnology is the applied and multi interdisciplinary science. It is integration of basic sciences and other various tools and techniques and made them advanced.  Bio-safety levels and IPR are important functions  of Biotechnology. In other words, Biotechnology is the major cocktails of life-Sciences, technology, Mathematics,Chemistry ,Physics ,Bioinformatics, biosafety and IPR. The given image explains the circumstance of biotechnology in nut a shell.

Biotechnology is the integration of life sciences with technological tools and techniques and engineering. The term Biotechnology , coined by Hungarian agricultural engineer Karl Ereky in 1919  and regarded as father of modern Biotechnology by someone. and short form of biological technology. In modern time , it is advanced branch of science. In terms of biotechnology, life sciences (biological sciences) as raw materials and technologies to be translated into beneficial products for human welfare. The beneficial products may be enzymes, proteins, medicines ,antibiotics, antibodies, improved crop varieties, genetically modified organisms(GMO) and so on. Usually GMO are transgenic lines of  Bacteria, Protista, fungi , algae, green plants and animals. The development of transgenic microbes , crop plants and animals through recombinant DNA technology for various purposes are basis of advanced modern biotechnology.

  • In the sense of science , biotechnology is made of two major parts: living and non-living parts.

Biotechnology = Living parts(Biological sciences)  + Non- living parts(Technology (engineering tools and techniques)

  • Extensions of Biotechnology:
  1. Traditional Biotechnology     
  2. Modern Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology

Agricultural Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

Environmental Biotechnology

Food Biotechnology

Marine Biotechnology

Space Biotechnology