Homorobo sapiens is the futuristic generation of human beings which are not fully natural human race. But these are probably combination of both artificial intelligence(computer based) and some basic parts are human bodes(Homo sapiens). In the future, they will be super human and work with high consistency and accuracy.The raising technology and research and development  Human beings are most intelligence creature of the earth and dominant to all organisms. High IQ and more desire made them more intelligence and greedy. To date ,Milky way is only galaxy that have earth with intelligent human civilization.Human beings want to longer life but our life about 65-70 years for death. After some period of the life, some parts of the body is not work with optimal level and so many changes in our physiology and metabolic changes that ultimately changes our external appearance. Certain age of the life of human beings, some structural portion of the body can be replace by artificial automated kidney, lung , heart , brain , bones and so on. The work function of the artificial organs and bones will true to type as original or native organs.Probably this will help in longevity of the life.Computer is self artificial intelligence and it is possible to high level language and algorithm can  transformed the biological signal into machine level language as using the ultra bio-sensor.Ultra bio-sensor as probe which can fit into the tissues or single cell that can give the metabolic roadmap or  network  and metabolic pattern.Biochemical events being either in the intercellular environment or the intracellular environment ultra biosensor can give the abnormalities of the metabolic function.The process will  normal in Homorobo sapiens as Homo sapiens. Homorobo sapiens may have two armed one is robotic arm and another is human arm. The Homorobo sapiens will not born because they will made in hi-tech   lab.The artificial brain will control whole body of Homorobo sapiens and work as normal biological brain. The individual of Homorobo sapiens will made by co-integrated contribution of the computer scientists, biomedical scientists, biotechnologist , physiochemist , biochemist and biophysicist and mathematician.

Future and probable applications  of Homorobo sapiens:
1.Drug testing 
2. Anti-terrism / Defence 
3. Future cops
3. Biotech Modal 
4. Industrial purposes 
5. Industrial and home workers 
6. Agriculture
7.Population control 
8.Disaster management 
9.Astronomy and space research 

    Normal Human(Homo sapiens) + Artificial organs+ Robot(artificial intelligence)= Homorobo sapiens  

Homo sapiens                             Homo sapiens futuris                                    Homorobo sapiens           

Present                                        Future                                                            Future 
(Natural)                                   ( Natural)                                        (artificial+ natural)- semi-artificial