Real analysis about the nature
Yesterday’s time:
The morning is Bella. The birds went awake, maybe to sing. Cool-cold air is running. Sun is rising on the earth with rays of rays. This earth is getting brighter. Trees are flowing in the air. The normal life-cycle of organisms is in progress. Whether they are flying, whether they are running, crawlers or floaters, these creatures are looking very happy in themselves. Not only this, there is some other aspect of nature. The rivers are flowing around. Fishes are floating in free water. Some children are swimming in groups. Waterfalls are filling water. If the fields are irrigated from the drains, then the crops are spreading. In spring, floral is flavoring nature with its fragrance. They are lukewarm. New leaves are coming out from the trees. Sweet words have come in nature with sweet words of cuckoo. After one and the other seasons, they come and go on time. There is no conflict anywhere. All are living a peaceful life. There is a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere everywhere. Aha! This panoramic view of nature is so beautiful. This natural scene has caught my name. So we want that this view of nature always remains.
Today’s Time:
But due to human beings, the condition and direction of nature changed. There has been a great development of material science in this age of science. The usefulness of material goods changed man’s mental state. Due to the excessive longings, wishes of human beings, there has been a rift in nature. The resources provided by nature are essential for the survival of all the organisms as-air, water, land, forest. A slight change in its natural quality can result in sudden change. Because we know that nature’s natural quality is its main feature. We have literally reached the age of science. Changes are visible and change-only. The facility is getting quite in the machine age. There is a lot of material things in full swing. These things are basically artificial. So these features are not natural. Due to the pressure of the increasing population, the panoramic views of nature are disappearing. Nature’s tremendous shock has been caused by the heavy activities of humans. Changes from earth to space have been seen. The weather has got its mood swings. It’s hard to say when the weather turns out to be uneven. The untimely season-change has made a matter of concern. The seasonal changes cycle has been unsettled. The timing of various seasons like summer, cold, rain, spring etc has changed. According to the calendar, changes have also been noticed in the intervals of the season. Cool time falls before the time. In summer, the sun enters creatures and animals in the heat. Trees begin to dry. While chills in the cold. Due to season cycle change, there has been a change in the crop interval cycle. As a result, the crop growth has affected. Assuming that Nature has turned its face and has embodied the form. This means that nature has made us rude. We have to admit them. We have to please them. Protecting nature will protect us. Every organism of nature is our friend. Such a feeling should be kept. Always have to be in their contact. We know that the nature is all-round and all-round. It is full of complete resources. But modern humans are challenging nature in every way. We are trying to suppress them with their own resources. The well-equipped people use air-conditioners, freeze, fan, cooler etc. to create an artificial atmosphere. These artificial environments are different from the natural environment. That is, the two are not the same. For example, we arrange rooms or cars from different devices. Understand the room / car here as a small body and nature as a large body. As soon as we go from the small body to the big body ie from the air-borne regions to the natural body, the body changes suddenly.
This causes sudden changes in our body. Therefore, we must remain in nature (open body). The whole nature is connected to the ecosystem. A slight disturbance takes a fickle look. The ecosystem has been unsettled for many reasons. Now there is a great change. Global warming, green house effect, acid rain, avalanche, landslide, cyclone etc. are happening in the world. This has caused significant damage to forests and wildlife. Many species of organisms have also disappeared. The trees which were green at the time, the birds made nests, now it looks like a desert and has dried up. The doors and thick trees around it are now cutting down. The rate of harvesting is more than plantation. As a result, the percentage of forests has decreased. Whatever land is lying today, the houses are being built and the factories are being opened or converted into agricultural land. The process has become faster now. At present, many environmental organizations are working. But in different ways If the majority of the population is for this work, then we can save nature from falling ditch.