Biotechnology  is the branch of applied science. It is not new branch of the science . In the past people were not familiar to Biotechnology but they used techniques of biotechnology. So, scientists of the world classified the  Biotechnology into two broad categories classical Biotechnology and modern biotechnology. Now 21th  century is the golden period of the  Biotechnology. Recombinant DNA Technology (RDT) is the central tools of modern Biotechnology. To date , modern Biotechnology reached at  top most position in the world. It is the integration of biological systems and technologies  that touches many branches of the science such as Biology (Botany and Zoology) , Physics , Chemistry , Mathematics , Biochemistry , Biophysics , Computer and other many subjects. In this time, scientists has been developed transgenic animals and  transgenic plants. Not only this , research is going on and scientist had been discovered many drugs that fighting against many infectious diseases , genetic disorders, and cancers. In the context of Biotechnology , scientist developed recombinant protein and therapeutics drugs in the plant. Molecular pharming is now possible through RDT tools (as part of the modern Biotechnology).In recent , scientists from the Zmapp pharmaceuticals incorporation has been developed vaccine of Ebola disease against Ebola viruses and the nature of drug is  antibody , developed from the plant known as Plantibody. Desire of many bio -molecular products has been harvested from plant because plant can be used as green bio-reactor. At present time there are many bioinformatics tools helps in research and analysis and many institute of the world engaged in different field of research that concern to the biotechnology.Investment of large amount money in the research field by the many research institute.In the future scientist will be able to development of  Homochloro sapiens(photo-synthetic human ) . All or partialy  of the natural environment will fully control by  human . In the future , human will be able to change the some particular metabolic processes for intelligency and external appearence (outer look) if using the Biotechnology. In the future scientist will success in bio-chip installation in the brain for long term memory and memory editing . Study and research in Biotechnology in Indian Universities and research institute is going .Our next generation will attract towards research in Biotechnology.