These days, environmental pollution is an important part of solid waste. Today solid waste has become a global problem. The way global warming, greenhouse effect is ozone depletion. These solid wastes are stored from various human activities. It leads to debris of household waste, business waste and manufacturing industries. In big cities, this garbage will be seen on the side of the road like a small mountain. These solid waste is blown or burnt in empty plains. This is not only losing the precious land, but also the natural beauty of surrounding area is also being destroyed. Even in holy rivers like Ganges, there is a solid waste of solid waste. A variety of construction industries are engaged on the banks of river Ganges, which are to be deposited by thousands of tonnes of solid waste every day. Due to which Ganga has become polluted. Not only this, these solid waste has adverse effects on humans and animals. If these waste is left untreated, then harmful microorganisms are created, which become the shelters of bees, mosquitoes and barks. Research has shown that from 1 cubic meter of garbage 8,00,000 flies can be produced which gives birth to diseases such as diarrhea and diarrhea. Cancer, rat and other pests cause fatal disease like plague. It is said that there can be approximately 25 types of diseases due to solid waste from humans. Therefore, it proves that concrete waste is highly polluted.
To reduce its effect, do not bring home the same things as the house is filled with garbage. So reduce your unnecessary need. There are many types of plastic items lying in our houses. If we want to collect broken-fired radio, television, bulb etc., then sell it to the garbage man so that it can be re-rotated. We all have the duty to be aware that being environmentally conscious and functioning, as well as supporting the protection of the ecosystem.
What to do?
1.       Do not use the product much more than required, which will cause garbage.
2.       Try to use plastic goods as little as possible.
3.       Do not use plastic ware.
4.       Use jute bag to buy vegetables.
5.       If plastic goods break down, repair yourself.
6.       We should use Eco Friendly technology.
7.       To reduce the effect of concrete waste, definitely tell your thoughts to friends and society and parents.