About Us

Biotechticle Research Private Limited  is an emerging startup in the field of medical Biotechnology. Currently, it is under the ideation phase and product design is going on. Experts from different fields are involved in it and shaping interdisciplinary research for the development of products and services. The Biotechticle works to promote the safe, sustainable,  and fruitful use of natural resources and technologies for our society. Biotechticle also comprises  many sections providing e-learning materials from basic to advanced, new research articles, discoveries, and innovations that are going to be updated for academicians from time to time. This web-platform is beneficial for readers, researchers and academicians.

Our mission: 

To fight against pathogenic microbes that cause infectious diseases in humans. All the products and services are inclined towards  solutions to infectious diseases. 

 Our current services:

1.Online Science news and articles
2.Biocuration and Information collection
3.Genomic data analysis
4.Protein data analysis
5.Molecular Dynamics modeling
6.Development of databases and Bioinformatics tools development

Products to be developed:

1.Medical equipment & devices 
2.Research lab equipments
3.Antimicrobials liquid and kit development
4.Biological database development

Ongoing project:

  •  Antimicrobial development