An overview
Life is an  organized forms of various bio-molecules.  Chemically life is set of bio-molecules. Scientifically life is understand very well at molecular level . All  of the creatures present on the earth from unicellular to multi-cellular undergoes biochemical reactions. These biochemical reactions also referred to as metabolic process ,play a key important role in life. Life present in single cell to multi- cellular bio-molecules such as proteins , carbohydrates , nucleic acids , lipids and polypeptides are structurally and functionally interconnected to each other . Integration of these bio-molecules performing different biologically functions. All of the Bio-molecules within alive cell functionally dependent and regulated to each other. Most of the biological events occurs due to the periodically activation and suppression of bio-molecules . In a single cell about thousands of metabolic process occurs to stabilize the life. In any individual cell all metabolic reactions are controlled at molecular level.   In the cell, bio-molecule performs two key important roles such as functional role and structural role. Various biological events such as cell division, bio-signaling , gene expression, respiration, photosynthesis , cell defence mechanism ,biosynthesis (synthesis of new bio-molecule from previous bio-molecule)  and  programme cell death occurs due to the integration of the various bio-molecules.
With the help of the central dogma of molecular biology easy to understand molecular logic of life. By the transcription process RNA transcribed from DNA and mRNA  translated into polypeptides (proteins /enzymes) . That is ATP consuming biological events in  all ordinary cell. All of the biochemical reactions in central dogma are in step by step or in sequences. Cell have to capacity recognition of errors during central dogma process. In multi-cellular organisms integration of bio-molecule is in complex fashion.  Usually  the cellular functions concerned with gene expression and gene regulation. Most of the cellular function ,protein play a key regulatory role.  Protein  associated with sugar , lipids or nucleic acids(DNA & RNA )  that concerned with specific function.
Our cell  works like as a biological clock . All of the cellular pathways, cycles  or biological events in an organism at particular time /definite time. Changes in organism in environment controlled by biochemical reaction .  Many of the external factors affects our  body environment and leads to disequilibrium but our body recognize the signal and  regulate the body environment by various  biochemical reactions. 
Life is  nothing  without biochemical reaction. Most of the  bio-molecules in unicellular to multi-cellular  organisms always in dynamic condition . Some of the in active condition and some of the in inactive condition. Various of the bio-molecules are regulated either by directly or reciprocally.
Conclusion All of the above explained facts about bio-molecules. Life is the set of different kinds of bio-molecules and biochemical reactions among them . Existence of life without bio-molecule  is not possible.
                                                                                    Author –  SIMPAL KUMAR SUMAN