Basic Courses of Biotechnology

This window provides basic courses of Biotechnology for learners.  

Course No. - 07



Course No.- 09

CMOS Biotechnology!!!


Course No.- 11

Molecular Biology!!!


Course No.- 13

Clinical Biochemistry!!!


Course No.- 15

Cell Biology!!!


Course No.- 17



Course No.- 19



Course No.- 21

Clinical Immunology !!!


Course No.- 23

Model Organisms Genetics!!!


Course No. - 08

Food Biotechnology !!!


Course No. -10

Industrial Biotechnology!!!


Course No.-12

Clinical Microbiology!!!


Course No.-16

Human Genetics!!!


Course No.-18



Course No. -20

Systems & Synthetic  Biology!!!


Course No.-22

Research Methodology!!!


Course No.- 24

Upcoming Soon!!!


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