A Bioweapon may be any organism that can be used as weapons for kill or weaken human. The Bioweapons may be bacteria, fungi, viruses or insects , that are infectious for human beings. These Bioweapons can be used in Biological warfare. The main purposes of bioweapons as to reduce the quality of life or fairly kill the humans. Biological warfare is the deliberate spreading of the disease causing entities amongst humans, animals and plants (may agricultural fields or forests). This news may be new for some individuals but the biowarfares happened many times according to History. However the idea and foundation of Microbiology by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch offered new approach for development of Bioweapons by Microbiologist or Bioweapons developer. Their ideas allowed agents to be chosen and programming for target. Target may be any Biological systems such as humans , animals and cropfields or forests . Nobody really knows that what the countries are working on today and what happened to the weapons they produced. Some well developed countries and some developing countries exhibit the nation’s power through nuclear bombs and missiles but they dosen’t  show any Biological weapons yet. They may be hidden under the high security.  It may be possible to use of Bioweapons during next world war. The Bioweapons like pathogenic bacteria or viruses can be used in ballistic missiles or in place of nuclear bomb. In the future, these bacteria may be Superbugs of TB (antibiotic resistance ), Pneumonia and some bacteria of Plague , Anthrax and possibilities of many pathogenic bacteria. The viruses such as zika , Ebola,HIV, and many others can be used in next world war. The use of Bioweapons both in first and second world war , but in the second world war America had been used nuclear bombs against Japan and destroyed two cities as Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Millions of peoples died after bomb barding. But development in science and technology , the world’s countries became more sensitive and active. Keep in mind that this is time of Biotechnology . Tools of Biotechnology as recombinant DNA technology (RDT) helps in production of superbugs and genetic modified microbes(GMM) that enhances the capabilities of pathogenic bacteria and that can bring havoc.
Treaties for prohibition on Bioweapons was started in 1925 in the Geneva called as Geneva protocol and other was started in 1972 in the London. But Geneva protocol was failed but Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) is effective at present time.
More than 100 of countries signatured  in BWC .According to this convention not use of any biological weapons during wars by military forces of any country.  If any Bioweapons used in huge amounts in the future’s world war that may be doom’s day of human. After this , our earth will be diseased  and called planet of Bioweapons.