Technology mediated Nature-Human relationship for existence of life

Nature may be defined as integrated and dynamical systems that allows the existence of life forms and gives all resources for the survival of life. Here nature mean all the things, including  dynamical activities in which creatures are living players and abiotic component supports them. If nature is primary system then technologies modify the nature that creates a secondary system which makes easier  the utilization of natural resources. The birth of technology is from nature. Nature is the mother of technology and technology is the child of nature, because all sciences and technologies are derived from nature. So technologies are interlinked with nature. There is a strong bond between nature and technology. These relationships make life easy. Some of the technologies fill the gap between nature and human life but most of them increase the distance and create the gap. These gaps greatly affect creatures and our life(human).In reality, nature has all solutions for the  problems but technology helps in fetching the raw data or modifying  the natural systems for particular necessity. One type of  technology helps in the creation of other types of technologies. But our conventional technology has respected the nature along with the existence of life and maintaining the nature -human bonds and stabilized it. In the modern era, developed technology altered the conventional technology for various purposes but one thing is common that is to get the comfortable life and survival. Usually, the g(general) factor peoples are more in number who utilize more technology and may be categorized under non-creative  and while S(special)- factor peoples are creative and are  involved in the generation of technology. Einstine and Newton are one of them but so many scientists have developed and have been developing  the technology for human survival under extreme environment. Extreme environmental situations and anthropogenic activities cause many problems which may be harmful and may be  byproducts of technological applications. In real life, problems are of two types : dependent problems(TDP) independent problems(TIP)

A.Technology-dependent problems(TDP)

The first objective of technology is to be used to mitigate the problems around us. Technology to be used is dependent on the degree  of problems and categories of problems. Sometimes technology creates problems rather than to mitigate the problems and another technology suppresses the problems  to be  derived from  technology under consideration. This is termed as technology dependent problems.

 B.Technology independent problems(TIP)

All of the problems are not influenced by technology. Some problems are originated without the interference of technologies so are called TIP. Before pre-industrial era TIP was common and people used the conventional method to solve the small to large problems. That time common TIP were solved by physical work without using any machine.

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This image tells that technologies are used in both to combat necessity and to solve problem and small degree of problem can be solved or increases by applying technology for solution. Large problems can be solve by further again use of another technology.

The human intelligence helps in the development of technologies and these technologies help us in the  survival and longevity of the life. It implies intelligence mediated technology development and technology-mediated survival. The great and intelligent minds deal with extreme conditions. This modern era fulfilled of technological challenges. The anthropogenic activities with technology has greatly affected the human – nature relationships and the major problem of human beings is that they don’t try to understand the nature’s rules. Nature’s symbols and the signals are two different dimensions guided by nature itself. But human beings accept it as in the form of a challenge like enemy signal. Some  human mind understands it as one dimension natural activity. Artificial intelligence such as a robot is the humanistic machine which is a major product of human intelligence that plays important roles in this time or in the time of emergency time or any other acts of nature. The present situation is still good for healthy earth but future is dominant by artificial intelligence .According to Stephen Hawking the artificial intelligence technology will dominant over human(Homo sapience) in the future  and may control human beings which will be dangerous and arise question on existence of human life. Futuristic artificial intelligence will destabilize the nature- human relationship. The present situation is still good for healthy earth but future will be  dominant by artificial intelligence. The time will come to the two powers independently fight among them for monopolies. They will  be  human civilization and artificial intelligence  but nature will supports human.

Some   probable disturbance factors of nature-human relationship:-

1.use of artificial intelligence technology(AIT)

2.Ignorance of conventional technologY

3.More belief in technology

4.Decision-making processes  by artificial intelligence rather than the human  mind.

The alteration in human -nature relationship by any technologies may be either negative or positive effect(S). These effects may decide our survival and existence of life on the earth.