Image credit- Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

Author- Jatin Kumar (Biotech communicator)

In biotechnology designer drug means engineered drug to be made by the principle of recombinant DNA technology(RDT). Scientists of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research( Australia) and Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Victoria( Australia) collaboratively designed a new drug called Cytokine IC7Fc, a chimeric and engineered protein, to combat Type-II diabetes. The paper is published in Nature.

Mark Febbraio and his research team successfully shaped new designer drug cytokine IC7Fc by the combination of signalling molecules IL(interluekin)-6 and CNTF( Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor ). Scientists chose IL-6 and CNTF for the modification of original characteristics. Both molecules affects glucose metabolism and are known to improve insulin resistance improvement and modify food intake and body weight. When this engineered drug (Cytokine IC7Fc) administered in the overweight mice(non-primate), it was observed positive outcome and the drug lowered the blood glucose levels.

The rate of progression of type II diabetes is matter of concern worldwide. According to research it was found that about 370 million peoples are facing the problem of Type-II diabetes, and the outcome is predicted to be double by 2030.

Key points:

  • Type 2 diabetes is also known as  type II diabetes mellitus .

  • It’s the most common type of diabetes.

  • Reseachers have found that:

  • the designer IC7Fc decreases Liver Steatosis( a fatty liver disease)

  • increases/optimizes insulin action

  • stimulating Incretins secretion

  • circulating glucagon.

Designer drug IC7Fc could be gift for pandemic patients of diabetes and  muscle atrophy . It needs human clinical trails and scientists intend to progress in phase-I human clinical trials. In future, it can be a realistic next- generation biological treatment of type II diabetes.


Treatment of type 2 diabetes with the designer cytokine IC7Fc