Food Biotechnology

Agricultural biotechnology is  a advanced branch of biotechnology. It is interlinked to plant biotechnology and crop science. Sometimes it is also called as agritech or agribiotech. In agricultural biotechnology to improvement of crop plants either quantitative or qualitative through genetic modifications. The genetic modifications through biotechnological apparatus(tools and techniques) such as genetic engineering (recombinant DNA technology), plant tissue culture, animal cell culture , modern(molecular) breeding for both plants and animals. In agricultural practices not only production of crop plants but also includes productive and beneficial  animals for various purposes.

Agricultural biotechnology aims to increase the productivity of the crop plants and  animal products. This branch includes modifications in crop plants, animals and microbes that leading production of food commodities to feed the human population.

The integration  of beneficial microbes such as bio-fertilizers and their genetic modifications plays critical roles in agricultural and maintains the fertility and productivity of the soil and provides the mineral element for the proper growth of crop plants. In agricultural biotechnology microbes plays critical roles in real life and used as model organisms in research and developed (R & D).

The improvement in beneficial animals  or cattle also a part of agricultural biotechnology. The animal products such as milk, butter,wool,animal fatty acids etc. may also a  part of agricultural biotechnology if animal to be genetically modified through biotechnological tools and techniques.

Agricultural biotechnology  also respects the modern molecular breeding at molecular level with respect to crop plants development.