Earth is our home planet. To date , earth is only one planet of the  universe where occurs living activities. So our earth is also called as living planet. Biodiversity of the species or organisms is the beauty of earth. Creation of the biodiversity support the life or existence of other lives on the planet . After the creation of biodiversity competition among organisms takes place . Biodiversity also rely on environmental condition . Nature of the organisms such as habit and habitat play a critical role in biodiversity. Three factors that causes competition among organisms such as food , space and light (in case of plant ). It helps in balance of ecosystem. Biodiversity plays  crucial role in balance of food chain and food web.  We are all affected by alteration in biodiversity as directly and indirectly. Our present and future depend on future of biodiversity. Human beings are the most intelligence creatures of the planet(earth).  Increasing in population of human affects all the natural resources and systems. Biodiversity greatly affects ecosystem and ecosystem greatly affects biodiversity. Loss of species of the plant , animals and other living creatures can affects our existence along with other species. To date thousands of plant and animals species has been lost . Some are categorized under endangered and some are in vulnerable and some are in critical condition. In the future , after 100- 200 years loss of many species ( plants & animals) will takes place . Human population has been increased and for farming and shorting in land space. Due to this , weed and other non- commercial plant has been destroyed by peoples and it can cause loss of biodiversity. For the conventional farming of crops , our forest has been destroyed. It causes loss of habitat of animals. Deforestation is the main cause of loss of biodiversity for plants and animals . This loss of biodiversity will determine the existence of human and other species.