As we know that health is wealth and it is true for peoples who are suffered from disease. Everyone wants to healthy and happy life.Today my question is that is the term health only for living world ?  The answer is No and  now you should think about how it is possible. The our food material comes from agricultural practices.The  conventional method for crop production soil is first need. In the course of  large amount production of food material for large  population , the soil chemistry became altered. The chemistry of soil is very important for plant growth and the production. The agricultural practices in 21th centuries greatly affect the soil chemistry .It also affects the essential microbes for growth of plants. The plant needs 17 essential elements for growth and development of crop from soil. If the alteration in the ratio of these elements or absence of any elements leads to reduction in productivity. In the different countries many farmers used high amount of fertilizers which ultimately affects the soil chemistry and reduced the fertility of the soil. Reduction in fertility is the  sign of  unhealthy soil. Keep in mind that the term health is not only for living world but also for Solis. An unhealthy soil may deficient in essential element  or may contains heavy metals or  undesire chemical species that  may be anti-nutrient elements for plant. The heavy metals and and other insecticide or pesticides used by farmers may accumulate in plant tissue or edible parts and ultimately accumulate in human body which effects our body system. Deficiency in nutrient in plants ultimately arise deficiency in the body and imbalance in nutrient dietary sources. For the  growth and development and proper function of our body balanced diet is crucial need. The food quality in India now decreased by essential nutrient components. From vegetables to fruits nutrient level greatly decreased.This is the report of IDA (Indian Dietary  Association ).The our dietary plate for food is now imbalanced . This is a major problem but not only for India alone also many countries.Imbalanced diet may gradually affects both physical and mental capacity of work.This can cause unhealthy body and we know that healthy mind in unhealthy body may becomes unhealthy mind .This can also affect our logic and thinking capacity . Sum of all affect individual of the society and society will be unhealthy. Unhealthy society means all individuals are unhealthy.Conclusion of this article is that chemistry of the soil may affects biochemistry of plants as well as our society.