Memory editing technology(MET) is the futuristic technology that may helps in editing of biological memory of the brain. These editing may be deletion of bad or unwanted memories and keep storable memories for longer period of life. Scientists believe in editing of memories for many purposes. This approach may brings new era of memory editing. It is believed that our ancestors had strong memory, but in logical and digital life this memory capacity loses generation after generation.In the 21th century our life became digitalized and youth generation more attracted towards electronic gadgets and computers. Owning to digital life , life becomes fast and intelligencey(IQ) has been increased and memory decreased. Everyone wants to comfortable life and also this brings time of multitasking. Now this multitasking is one of the major problem for younger generation that ultimately leads to loss of memory. Now a days this loss of memory cause severe problems around the world. It is possible to that you may also be suffer from this problem.Get rids of memory losses, scientists are trying to how to delete bad or unnecessary memory and input positive thinks inside the brain. I am not talking about any science fiction movie or documentary because it is possible. The development in science and technology is wonderful in this time . Its future will be miraculous. Memory editor machine(MEM) or device will help in editing of memory. This MEM will touch Biological system, Computer, Biophysics, Biotechnology and many other subjects and components. There are many purposes of memory editing technology (MET) one of them may be mental therapy , to know the behaviour or Psychology of peoples with different timeframes and even transfer of electronic data into biological brain. In the education system this can shorting the time required for whole education in the life if using the memory editer  machine (MEM) that can transfer syllables of different classes of different subjects simultaneously or different timeframes ( in short time). Not only this it will helps in therapy. If any person wants to delete their unwanted memory and insert false memory  for entertainment or positive think will possible.A person with Alzheimer or dementia can be successfully treated by memory editing technology. A memory loss  digitalized person can hold memory by using memory editor machine (MEM). There are also many negative consequences over MET. How much negative impact of MET may not say properly by anyone. Antisocial elements can misuse this technology. After invention of this technology more numbers of people will admitted in the doctor’s clinic. Research is going on in this field and it will brings new trend in psychotherapy.