Plant Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology is a major branch of biotechnology. It may be defined as the manipulation of genetic engineering and plant tissue culture techniques for genetic modifications under consideration of specific purposes. The specific purposes may be development of transgenic crop plants, disease  resistant crop varieties, somaclonal variants, bio-fortified  crops , abiotic stress tolerance, altered growth/yield, herbicide tolerance, insect resistance, modified product quality and so on. The development of virus free plant from small explants through plant cell and tissue culture is a major dimension in plant biotechnology. Plant cell and tissue culture helps in transgenic  plant development .Because in plant biotechnology transgenics followed by plant tissue culture techniques. Plant biotechnology usually employed in the field of agriculture and molecular pharming. In modern breeding program plant biotechnology also plays  significant roles. Because modern biotechnology respect the breeding program at molecular levels.

Plant products of biotechnology approved for food use have been qualitative and quantitative modified to contain traits such as:

  • Insect resistance
  • Disease resistance
  • Herbicide tolerance
  • Modified nutritional profile
  • bio-fortified crop development

Table of contents :


Introduction :Plant biotechnology Secondary metabolites production from PTC
Terminology  Germplasm  conservation
Introductory history PTC for crop improvement
Laboratory requirements and general techniques Transgenic  plant development
Tissue culture media composition & preparation PTC related research institution and commercial companies
Cell culture Genetic engineering
Cellular   totipotency Restriction enzymes
Somatic  embryogenesis Vectors for gene transfer
Haploid production Gene cloning
Triploid production Transgenic plants and their developments
Variant selection QTL mapping
In vitro pollination and fertilization MAS and its application
Zygotic Embryo culture & embryo rescue
Protoplast isolation,  fusion ,and culture
Somatic  hybridization & cybridization
Clonal  or micro-propagation
Artificial seeds(synseeds/synthetic seeds )
Somatic embryogenesis  principles , concepts & appllications
Anther culture / pollen culture
Ovary culture , ovule culture , emdosperm culture