What is the name of this world – world of science or pollution? It may seem strange to you by reading this but the truth is that the science world has made life easier and easier. It has been the attempt of humankind to do more work in less time, set long distances. All this is possible, due to science, which is the result of our need and imagination power. The 18th – 20th century has been the age of great inventions. Today the world of science is touching the heights and has reached its climax. From today no newspapers such as pollution were used in the 1950-1960 paper. People were unfamiliar with these words But nowadays newspapers have filled newspapers with titles such as killing of environment, industrial maladministration, deforestation,  pandemic, cholera panic, dengue problems. More recently, earthquake shocks have been read due to nuclear tests. The root cause of all these is pollution. The scientist agrees. This pollution is another by-product of human activity. There has been a change in these intervals of 60-70 years that we have started to understand the world of pollution in the world of pollution. Scientific development has made great progress and technology has begun to reach new heights. Industrial development is not possible without the development of technology (technology). We accept that pollution is linked to development. But there is a limit too. Not at the cost of human health. Pollution must be kept within the tolerance limit. Pollution caused by human activities is also affecting other organisms. The open air from which we receive breathless oxygen, as well as motorcycles, smoke from other petroleum vehicles. Which are proving harmful to health. Smoke derived from moving vehicles are found to contain poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. This leads to health related diseases such as swollen lungs, lung cancer, vision impedance, neuro- disorder . Air pollution has been described as the most dangerous in all types of pollutants. The use of more vehicles, determining the short distances is considered the most responsible factor of air pollution. If we can not control our needs from now on, we will get to drink poisonous air while the openness of nature we live in. We can not say that it is a natural form, but it is a reward for human activities. The result of which we are all over and the next generation will be ready to bear it.