The therapy is the treatment of disease. There are two broad categories of disease: physical and mental disease. Now our science and technology has been developed  very well and more advanced in therapy of several diseases. The global population increases more rapidly  along with introduction or evolution of new diseases. In the course of, developing of new diseases, various types of the therapy developed by the scientist. The physical and mental state of the body may greatly affected by our life styles. Our habit and habitat, nature of food , duration of sleeping and continuous display contact(CDC) to the smart phones or computers are responsible for disorganization of body and mind. A lots of physical to mental problems around in and us. Get rids of these types of disease peoples goes to doctors for therapy. People wants to healthy anyhow. For this purposes they change the doctor and due to this mode of therapy may change. Our understanding must be on selection of therapy. Mode of therapy may affects the body system from shorter to longer period of the time. Peoples of 21th century think fastly and do quickly. The action time of allopathy is less as compared to homeopathy. Keep in mind that any therapy may not applicable for all types of disease. Each type of therapy have certain limitations. Some people follow the rule of as per conditions but not always beneficial for our health. Each type of disease can be treated by  particular therapy. One of the major disease is psychic disease which may treated by psychtrist. This  disease is corresponding to therapy. Stress of the brain can be reduced by using song so this therapy is called music therapy. Some of the doctors believed in music therapy and they also succeeded. If any person suffers from mental stress like headache can reduced themselves. To date , our life became journey of disease and end with death. So peoples are confused for the therapy. A good doctor is more serious for therapy and dedicated to therapy. Not always therapeutic drugs is beneficial . One of the ancient therapy is yoga. Now a days this yoga therapy is famous all around the world. My opinion is that the selection of disease correspondent therapy is good approach. Mode of therapy can make life happy and may be curses for us.Effects of incorrect therapy may reverts the disease in whole life.We are owner of both mind and physical body ourselves and how does it maintenance is our problem .To take the right decision is our  challenge.Be carefull during the time of therapy selection.