Image by Manuel Alvarez from Pixabay 

Scientific writer- Simpal Kumar SumanBiotechnologist, Patna (Bihar), India

 Public is important in any countries regardless of what types of government, religion, culture and society  there. Ultimately it accepts and sinks all types of challenges externally or internally. The SARS-CoV-2   deadly coronavirus that’s responsible for COVID-19, originated from  Wuhan city, China. This virus  destabilized the entire world economically, socially, politically and scientifically. All these four circles affected the public life and profession life directly or indirectly. During this pandemic, we all have been seen that public participation and volunteering works to tackling this disease .The success or failure of any projects during pandemic, it may be  depends on public interests and responsibilities. Government’s responsibilities and public responsibilities are important for the success or failure of any projects. Strong communication and co-ordination among major stakeholders in the healthcare system is critical. The success of any projects in public domain may depends on three parameters:

1.good communication and co-ordination between government and public

2.public responsibilities and awareness

3.government responsibilities and policies making

Public is a generalized and massive domain. At the global level, the public response and  responsibilities  are  different. The governmental guidelines(working mechanisms) in developing and developed countries may be different but same jobs for public. In any pandemic situation, life of public is important and they will be more affected. In any harness conditions, public should  never be  selfish and should not reckless or careless and should not spread fake news. In this pandemic situation  the primary level preparedness among peoples are: wear mask distancing

3.proper handwash

4.keep updated regularly  by news

The major steps taken by the government was lockdown in a proper way to mitigate the chance of community level infection. To obey and follow  the rules of government is the fundamental duties of public during pandemic situation. The success and failure of lockdown is solely depend on public interest and government can provide regulatory check point in  transport system within the days of lockdown. The lockdown is for  all citizens  to combat the COVID-19 challenge. The peak of coronavirus cases may be due to the three reasons:

1.not well- followed lockdown rules

2.mutated coronavirus strains

3.lack of effective therapeutics(vaccines)

4.lack of public awareness

The lockdown has stepwise mechanisms. The reliable and  credible communication from government to the public is essential to the success lockdown.  Public should not spread rumours on offline and online mechanism(social media platforms). Misinformation(deceptive, inaccurate or false) and misconception may leads to  the failure of govt. projects. Public can stop deceptive messages and forward essential information by the use of smartphone. The key point is that both public response and responsibility is important for  public life.