No one can defeat nature.The research and development in science and technology changed the scenario of life in the society.Today our life became more sophisticated.The different geographical areas of the world are not developed with regard to science and technologies.The world’s most developed and developing countries cause problems in spite of technological development.This is because of ignorance of traditional approach which is helpful in solving the problems.It is accepted that  most of the traditional approaches are time consuming but effective longer period of time.But human beings want to get fast approach to solve the problems. Here, our passions were lost.The one of the truth is that everyone wants  “think fast and do fast”(TFDF). But the limitations in applied fields made us comeback towards traditional approaches. The traditional approaches are developed by our ancestors. In the bulky form it is domestic practices which are slow but effective and Eco-friendly. The natural surroundings or environment  and human created environment differ by several factors. Everyone can feel it. For example in the summer, to avoid high temperature people choose different methods to cool their environment, change in foods, use coolers, pure water, cold drinks , AC chamber setup in the room and so on. But this does not always give satisfactory results and these approaches have some limitations.The utilization of  more artificial things can weaken the human beings and individual may not fit in  nature. Here artificial is nothing but it is a copy of natural systems. Natural climate, resources and vegetation are enough for survival of life. The whole tribal life is based purely on nature. They do not use refrigerators as we do. Due to population explosion and scarcity in natural resources we are guided towards the nature.There are some limitations with human developed technologies. These limitations can be governed by population elevation where human technology may tends to stop or fail and nature control us dominantly. Favorable conditions provided by nature are more comfortable which make better chance of survival than human or man-made technologies.

Major reasons behind comeback towards nature:
Earth is dominant by human race through most developed brains which  helps in development of scientific tools and techniques. In 21th century human beings became multi-tasking people. Due to the multi-tasking, there behavior and nature now changed by many factors but major factors are – 

                          a.Genetic factors
                          b.Environmental factors
                          c.Nature of food and
                          d.Life styles

All of the above factors affects physical, social, mental or psychological and socio-economic conditions.These factors also affects thinking configuration with respect to the nature and greatly enhance the utilization of natural resources. But mining of natural resources through various tools and techniques which are man-made have limitations. Nature gives all things with natural laws. However, traditional approaches which are useful in our life gives more solutions of problems. The developed traditional approaches for food like millet usually used by poor people but after scientific investigation this is very important for health and now used by rich people. Gradually, we are comeback towards traditional approaches along with nature. Not only this, there are so many fields of life in which traditional approaches have been proved beneficial. In the case of medical treatment, domestic methods have been successful rather than advanced techniques. In future, we (human beings) will accept and apply traditional approaches as in time of critical situation after limitations of scientific tools and techniques.