Giloy  description:
Giloy’s real name is Tinospora cordifolia. This is a bush of Menispermaceae whole. In Hindi, it is known as Giloy, Amrutgiloy, Ambika, Gurucha. There are 40 species of them all over the world. Only four species are found in India. These are- Tinospora cordifolia, T. tomatoca, T. sinenesis and T. Melberica, in which the Tinospora cordifolia in India is found in abundance. It is a bush of tropical and low tropical areas. It is found almost 300 meters above sea level. Giloy’s wings are found in places like forests, mountains, farms, rocks etc. Neem, Mango, Sahajan, Kadamba also get around trees. In villages, especially in the walls of the house and in the backyard. For the growth, the other tree also makes its base. The tree which remains attached to it, its properties also get absorbed in it. Hence Neem cloned Giloy is considered to be the best medicine. It also increases in odd conditions. After splitting their vines, new pieces are formed from each piece. If this piece is placed in humidified air, then the shrubs will grow again.

                                          Tinospora cordifolia

Chemical composition:
Gilloy tastes in bitter because it contains a glucoside ‘giloin’. In their scars (mature fruits), 1.2 percent of the starch is compound chief called barberryine. The other ingredient is gilovinein, cismanthine palmin, tenaatporin, tinasporic acid. These are all biotic active substances. Many types of fatty acids have been found in these. In their leaves, abundant calcium, phosphorus and proteins are found.Gilroy:In Giliyab, many diseases are found. Different diseases are used in different ways in removing the disease. Microbacterium tuberculosis, which causes tuberculosis, successfully destroys the growth of bacteria. Geiloi (Tinospora cordifolia) has a deadly effect on the virus. Studies have shown that Gilloy is more painkiller than sodium salicylate. This hyper glycemia gives beneficial results. It enhances the oxidation rate of glucose in our body and increases the ability to produce insulin and blood is purified.The trend has given us so many options to diagnose our natural diseases. In the diagnosis of diseases, bushes have significant uses. We should not underestimate it. It is possible to treat many diseases by using them scientifically.