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WHAT IF? Water of Life is converted to the Water of Death!

Image Credit:  Original Images from Gerd Altmann & PDPics, Pixabay  A Case study written by   – Sachin Kumar (M.Sc. Student, Shoolini University) The river Ganga water is considered as holy water in the world since time immemorial, but what if you know that the purest water of the world is now converted to the water of diseases or death. What?  Yes, it is very true in the present scenario of Bihar. Let me tell you a story of Priti, a girl from Sabalpur village of Saran district of Bihar and was a student of Geology. In her family seven people died due to disease of cancer, as she lost her father, uncle, mother and cousin due to the different types of cancer. In 2019, she came to a cancer institute with the complaint of a pea sized lump in her breast, she was afraid when she visited...
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